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July 24, 2008
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Ranouk - contest entry by kalmakoira Ranouk - contest entry by kalmakoira
So, this is first of my contest entries for :keithurbanfan93:'s contest.

I really like him, I very seldom use pink in my designs mut I think it fits this. I'll be uploading soon the picture where are Ranouk and Heaven together (keithurbanfan's character we're supposed to design a mate). Oh, and right after him will follow his half brother Rimedur, just wait and see.

Name: Ranouk
Nickname: Ran
Age: I don’t know the exact age of Heaven but I’d like him to be two months older than her.
Breed: quarab (quarter horse x arabian)
Height: growing (is going to be 15.3hh)
Siblings: half brother Rimedur (same sire)

Personality: Ranouk is fun-loving colt who doesn’t want to worry about a thing. Sure he can be serious and concentrate but he thinks the world is sad enough place without him being sad. He makes easily friends and is often cheering other up. Ran is always trying to make the world even a little bit lighter and happier place. He gets along better with mares and is secretly looking for someone who would be closer than a friend. What it comes to romantic stuff Ran is actually a little bit shy but tries to cover it up with a bit of a show off. He is very nice and brave colt and will grow to be very handsome.

History: Ranouk is still young and that’s why he doesn’t have much of a history. But this is all he has experienced; Rimedur’s and Ranouk’s dams were best friends, so it wasn’t so weird they were in foal for the same stallion. At least they didn’t think it was. Just after a month younger Ranouk was born Rimedur’s dam died. He had been suffering from complications after Rimedur was born and when a pack of wolves attacked she was the weakest and that made her the victim. So Ranouk’s dam took care of them both and they have been living their foal time like twin brothers.

He had been watching her from distance a while. She was so beautiful, so cute… And popular too. Every time some other colt tried to get Heaven’s attention Ranouk felt like a little stab of a jealousy in his heart. So one day trying to get himself together he made his way closer to Heaven, just so he could at least say he had tried so he wouldn’t have to regret it later. Who knew, maybe he would even get a chance…
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noblestallion Feb 2, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Oh my god i fall in love with him, if he do not win, can I adopt him?
Krhm, he actually won a while ago, and he would have stayed in my stables anyway. But yeah, he did win actually.
noblestallion Feb 2, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Yay! Ok, congratz!! :hug:
ArticMyst Jul 24, 2008
Again I love the design!!:hug: You are awsome at coming up with them:hug: :hug: I really love the pink tipped mane and tail and ping eyes...:heart:
Thank you :hug:
I just get easily inspired and all my art teachers say I have eye for designing things (even though I refuse ever to design such things as clothes or houses or anything like that)

My fiance helped me a bit with this one, I asked him which colors would I use this time and he said that use black, silver and pink and this is what I came up with :D
ArticMyst Jul 25, 2008
:D You're welcome!!:hug:

lol I've tried that with my boyfriend, its like pulling teeth.
I ask him if he has any color ideas for a drawing, and he says
nope, you know im no good at that.:);)
:D well my boyfriend sure has eye for things, he just cannot draw himself. And I love to design things, I was thinking that when I'm done all my trades and contest entries I'll do some sort of adoptaples, probably four. I can't stop designing things but soon I'll have so much characters I can never keep them up :faint:
ArticMyst Jul 25, 2008
lol yeah I'm getting to that point too!!lol
Its just I see so many awesome adoptables..*smacks hand
Its like potato chips you cant just stop at;)
Haha I know, I'm just always late from everywhere and I'm extremely picky, so that's that. x3
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